Bethel Systems Inc. is a service corporation based in Calgary, Canada. We provide a comprehensive suite of consulting services and solutions that help clients make informed decisions.
We are a proud Canadian company. From our offices in Calgary we have the people, skills and capacity to provide value-added services and innovative solutions. We offer the skills and experience of a major consulting firm, delivered by a high calibre independent workforce and at prices that are affordable.

Our Services

Bethel Systems excels in providing technical solutions to complex energy and environmental challenges. We conduct social and industry-specific research for academic institutions, companies, individuals, non-profit, and government organizations. We specialize in conducting and analyzing national, provincial, and local surveys as well as structured interviewing and focus group research. We design creative communications tools and techniques. We also design, facilitate, analyze and document public and stakeholder engagement meetings. In whatever we do, quality is our watchword.

Our Approach

At Bethel Systems, we take a strategic, systems thinking approach to projects. Benefits to clients include increasing the ability to manage complex initiatives efficiently, to address implementation issues proactively and to maximize effectiveness of project impacts and outcomes.
We bring distinction, deep subject matter knowledge, industry experience, professionalism, and intellectual rigour to each project. We identify and analyze project needs, issues and data through proactive client engagement. We use cutting-edge methodologies that are tailored to your needs.

Our People

Our assignments are delivered by independent consultants.
Our consultants are creative problem-solvers with strong analytical skills, combined with a can-do attitude. We bring an integrated team and interdisciplinary knowledge approach to projects. Our commitment to workable solutions extends beyond our efforts to bring innovative solutions to every clients’ projects from concept to completion.
Our consultants are professionals who focus their knowledge and expertise on developing and implementing client-tailored solutions, strategies and processes.

Industry Coverage

  • Government and public services
  •  Business Consulting
  •  Energy and Environment Consulting
  •  Research and Development Consulting
  •  Intellectual Asset Consulting
  •  Media and Communications Consulting
  • Education and Academia